In normal use the Lightboard can be easily cleaned by wiping with the Lightboard micro fiber cloth.  Starting at one side of the board, use the micro fiber cloth in a firm circular motion to remove the Expo Neon marker.  If the marker is still wet, or there are large areas of marker present, the micro fiber cloth may become saturated and start to smear.  In this situation keep rotating the micro fiber cloth so you are always using a dry part.

If the Lightboard has not been cleaned for some time, and the marker has had time to dry onto the Lightboard surface, then an application of the Lightboard Cleaner/Conditioner may be require.  Apply a very light mist of cleaner directly to the Lightboard surface.  Use the micro fiber cloth as described previously.

Each Lightboard comes with a Lightboard micro fiber cloth and a bottle of Lightboard Cleaner/Conditioner.  If you need additional cleaning supplies, please e-mail us.